Psychologist Ridgewood NJ – Heal Long-Term Trauma With Inner Child Work

Life Changing, Life Saving Therapy For Long-Term Emotional, Psychological, And Relationship Issues

Dr. Kantor has pioneered an effective experiential approach to transforming the deep psychological structures and processes that create a person’s experience of life.

The core of our personality is created in childhood in relationship to our parents.  Early experiences create mental patterns which can last a lifetime, unless they are changed.  Mental patterns created by disturbing experiences, which were never resolved psychologically, can be re-activated by situations later in life.  This is what creates the majority of long-term emotional, psychological, relationship problems.

Dr. Kantor has developed a safe, gentle, natural process to resolve the mental patterns responsible for current disturbing symptoms.  His compassionate, dynamic work with clients has led to  many life-transforming,  life-saving outcomes.

Dr. Jay Kantor is a Psychologist, Healer, and Intuitive from Ridgewood, NJ. Jay holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University, and since 1975, he has studied alternative-holistic healing with the leading holistic healers and authors in America. For the past twenty-five years, he has specialized in helping adults overcome the effects of abuse and trauma.  His approach integrates psychological, spiritual, and energetic healing.

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